Finally an answer to the question....."What's for Dinner?"


You come home after a long day, exhausted. Everyone, including you, wants dinner. You dread the thought of now running to the store to shop for something to make, and going out for dinner for the 3rd or 4th time this week is getting expensive.  Running through yet another fast food drive-thru is starting to look like your only option!

Sound familiar?

Imagine instead coming home to a wonderful, home cooked meal ready for you to heat and eat, without the trouble of grocery shopping, menu planning or hours in the kitchen cooking.

That's exactly what you'll enjoy when you have Chef Mike Roberts as your Personal Chef.

I will prepare a variety of healthy, delicious meals from around the world for you to enjoy with your family which will provide a unique and healthful alternative to pre-packaged or takeout meals. Only the freshest seasonal ingredients are used and each recipe is customized for your family's tastes.

All you have to do is follow some simple heating instructions and in a few minutes you're ready to gather your family at the table and enjoy not only a delicious, well balanced meal, but also the pleasure that comes with sharing a meal with loved ones.

Turn the stress of planning, shopping for and preparing meals into free time to relax with family.

Call for a free consultation today: 801-599-6910 



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